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Current & upcoming projects —
Studium Generale: 2018/2019 – KABK HANNE HAGENAARS
The Artist, The Entrepeneur, The Leader – JONATHAN HIELKEMA
The Protagonist – CHLOË VAN DIEPEN
European Garden Cress Championship – ANNE GEENE
Next, Rising, Mood, on Perceptions of Time – ONGOING RESEARCH

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Ongoing research entails time & space and our experience of it, perception within the act of reading, the distance between information & knowledge and the role of memory herein. These interests make me constantly explore new ways of presenting information: content is dissected, patterns are detected, time is cheated, complexity is (re)structured, frameworks are rethought.

I closely collaborate with artists or organisations as a conceptual graphic and information designer and work autonomously on research-based projects.

Graduated in 2013 from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK). Born in Australia (1988), residing in the Netherlands since 2001.
Selected collaborations/clients:
Royal Academy of Art (KABK), Jan Rosseel, Stroom Den Haag, Renny Ramakers, Philip Vermeulen, Radna Rumping, Castrum Peregrini, Hanne Hagenaars, Citymarketing the Hague, Binnenlandse Zaken, TodaysArt.
— 2018 – 2020:
Dutch Art Institute – Roaming Academy, EU
Master of Fine Arts and Design 2020
— 2008 – 2013:
Royal Academy of Art – The Hague, NL
Bachelor of Graphic Design 2013
Erasmus Exchange Programme
Visual Communication
Weißensee Kunsthochschule, Berlin
— 2001 – 2007: VWO
— Arles Dummy Award shortlist
— Kassel Photobook Festival exhibition
— Kassel Dummy Award shortlist
— GDFS Scotland exhibition
— Poster Competition Scotland shortlist
— Held Together with Water exhibition
Zabriskie Point, Geneva
— One Gee in Fog exhibition, Geneva
— Things to Remember (Page Not Found)
exhibition, Amsterdam
— Beelddragers exhibition, Amsterdam
— Haagse Toptalent
Grant nomination & finalist
— Nomination Graphic
Design Department
Prize KABK
Overview of CV:
Artwork Theme of Nevermore WOODY'92 SPEKKI WEBU Red Light Radio, Amsterdam (2018)
Concept, prints Transmission Lexicon STUDIUM GENERALE – HANNE HAGENAARS KABK, The Hague (2017 – 2018)
Concept, publication Ways of Understanding: Voodoo/Vodun MURIEL SCHOUTEN The Hague (2017 – 2018)
Identity, typography, publication Back-up: Memory & Politics JAN ROSSEEL – STROOM Stroom, The Hague (2017)
Website archive Made by Rain ALIKI VAN DER KRUIJS The Hague (2017)
Part of International Poster Exhibition Next, Rising, Mood GRAPHIC DESIGN FESTIVAL SCOTLAND The Lighthouse, Glasgow (2017)
Part of International Poster Exhibition Dying Dandy GRAPHIC DESIGN FESTIVAL SCOTLAND The Lighthouse, Glasgow (2017)
Typography, design Re-think RENNY RAMAKERS – DROOG DESIGN Droog, Amsterdam (2017)
Analysis, design Monitor Identiteit MINISTRY OF INTERIOR AFFAIRS – PANTEIA NL (2017)
Analysis, design DCR Website DCR DEN HAAG DCR, The Hague (2017)
Labelling, visual index Made by Rain ALIKI VAN DER KRUIJS The Hague (2017)
Book design Joyful Businessmen Throwing Papers and Having Fun in the Office ANNIJA MUIŽULE The Hague (2017)
Thesis webdevelopment Brewing the Sublime PHILIP VERMEULEN Internet (2017)
Video team Fiber Festival FIBER FESTIVAL Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (2017)
Typography, publication Back-up: Memory & Psyche JAN ROSSEEL Dr. Guislain, Gent (2017)
Film identity design Dying Dandy EVA LINE DE BOER, MINK PINSTER The Hague (2016 – 2017)
Part of exhibition: Held Together with Water Next, Rising, Mood ZABRISKIE POINT Zabriskie Point, Geneva (2017)
Research, design, writing, essay Next, Rising, Mood OWN RESEARCH The Hague (2017)
Thesis editing, structure & design Brewing the Sublime PHILIP VERMEULEN The Hague (2017)
Talk on Perceptions of Time Next, Rising, Mood THE HMM FC Hyena, Amsterdam (2017)
Typography, exhibition items, publication Back-up: Memory & Media JAN ROSSEEL Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (2016)
Part of exhibition Next, Rising, Mood ONE GEE IN FOG One Gee In Fog, Geneva (2016)
Book launch Things to Remember (Page not Found) RADNA RUMPING – SAN SERRIFFE San Serriffe, Amsterdam (2016)
Published in magazine Selected Works IDPURE SWISS MAGAZINE Switzerland (2016)
Talk 20x20 seconds PECHA KUCHA Den Haag (2016)
Publication Things to Remember (Page not Found) RADNA RUMPING – CASTRUM PEREGRINI Van Eyck, Maastricht (2016)
Interactive visualisation Handreiking Jeugdwerkloosheid MINISTRY SOCIAL AFFAIRS – PANTEIA The Hague (2016)
Audio & set assistant Shortfilm: Venturi MAURICE DE BRUIJNE Middelburg (2016)
Visie-ontwikkeling Mondriaan Aula RAAM SOCIALE ARCHITECTUUR The Hague (2016)
Analysis, mural, publication Forcing Friendship LUKA KARSSENBERG The Hague (2016)
Exhibition Things to Remember (Page Not Found) RADNA RUMPING, CASTRUM PEREGRINI Amsterdam (2016)
Collectief Woordmerk Den Haag Den Haag CITYMARKETING THE HAGUE The Hague (2015 – 2016)
Identity fraud team: visual translator Monitor Identiteit MINISTRY OF INTERIOR AFFAIRS – PANTEIA The Hague (2015)
Identity fraud information design campaign Preventie, detectie, herstel MINISTRY OF INTERIOR AFFAIRS The Hague (2015)
Data-handling Nightshift MILLK (FILM)PRODUCTIONS Amsterdam (2015)
Video team: interviews, overview TDA Festival on Sea TODAYSART Scheveningen (2015)
Animation identity Steinz ziet Schrijvers JET STEINZ Amsterdam (2015)
Set assistant Borgen NOORD NEDERLANDS TONEEL The Hague (2015)
Set assistant, photography Shortfilm: KOP MAURICE DE BRUIJNE Kootwijk (2015)
Analysis, design report INSIDE Accreditation ROYAL ACADEMY OF ART – INSIDE The Hague (2015)
Publication design & campaign identity KABK Fashion & textile graduates ROYAL ACADEMY OF ART – FASHION & TEXTILE The Hague (2015)
Book design Metaforen tot in de 4e dimensie ANNE KRANENBORG The Hague (2015)
Photo book design The Star Disappeared NICK VAN TIEM The Hague (2014 – 2015)
Interviews Fiber Festival FIBER FESTIVAL Amsterdam (2015)
Mapping neighbourhoods, conversations Schipperskwartier RAAM SOCIALE ARCHITECTUUR The Hague (2015)
Video assistant The Pier ALI DEMIREL – TODAYSART Scheveningen (2015)
Talk Dayna Casey ROYAL ACADEMY OF ART – OPEN DAY The Hague (2015)
Research Oude Centrum De informele Stad (D.i.S.) RAAM SOCIALE ARCHITECTUUR & DE BOEK The Hague (2014 – 2015)
Open workspace & exhibition space De Boek CO-INITIATOR Boekhorststraat, The Hague (2013 – 2015)
Identity fraud team: visual translator Monitor Identiteit MINISTRY OF INTERIOR AFFAIRS – PANTEIA NL (2014)
Web archive & visual identity MILLK MILLK (FILM)PRODUCTIONS The Hague (2013 – 2014)
Video team Edition Zero TODAYSART JAPAN Tokyo, Japan (2014)
Interviews 4D Sound ADE FIBER FESTIVAL Amsterdam (2014)
Workshop A Restricted Visual Exercise x99+1 ROYAL ACADEMY OF ART – INTRO The Hague (2014)
Graphics item image and inspiration Dayna Casey STADSSCHOUWBURG [SSBA] SALON Amsterdam (2014)
Video team: interviews, overview Sea of Random Data TODAYSART Scheveningen (2014)
Exhibition Signage Back Stage On Stage ROYAL ACADEMY OF ART – FELIX & FOAM Felix Meritis, Amsterdam (2014)
Mapping exhibition & signage Nieuwe Koek ROYAL ACADEMY OF ART – ARTSCIENCE CHV Noordkade, Veghel (2014)
Visual identity, signage Back Stage on Stage ROYAL ACADEMY OF ART – SALONE DEL MOBILE Ventura Lambrate, Milano (2014)
Part of exhibition, research X10 BEELDDRAGERS De Toren, Amsterdam (2013)
Video team: interviews, overview Binnenlandse Zaken TODAYSART BZK, The Hague (2013)
Research, installation Graduation Show: Information – Knowledge GRADUATION RESEARCH KABK, The Hague (2012 – 2013)